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Photography by Greg Wolkins

Greg WolkinsGreg got his start in photography with a Yashica SLR as a high school graduation gift from his father. His interest in photography grew when he moved to San Francisco, CA in 1976 and saw all the great images that were waiting to be captured on film. Shortly after that, he enrolled in various photographic workshops and discovered that with just a small investment in equipment, he could process his own black and white film and prints.

The battle between the day job and the hobby was eventually by the day job, and he lost interest in photography for several years. He moved to Nebraska in 1987 and discovered that he could get a job cutting production mats for Tom Mangelsen's prints. Tom's images provided the motivation Greg needed to get back into photography. He started entering various photo contests and won the local version of the Kodak "K.I.N.S.A." contest twice.

Greg did some photography and writing in the early 90's for the short-lived River City Sports Newspaper. About the time the paper shut down, he discovered the World Wide Web and started learning HTML in order to create his own online photo gallery.
Greg has recently moved to Georgia and discovered a whole new world of photographic possibilities. Now all he needs is the time to get it all on film.

Greg Wolkins's Portfolio:
Simply pass your mouse over any thumbnail image below that you would like to see larger. All the images in Greg Wolkins's portfolio are displayed with permission and copyrighted by Greg Wolkins.

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For more information please contact Greg Wolkins

Greg Wolkins Photography
Email Greg at: gw@catscape.com
Web Site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/catscape/

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