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Photography by Craig Vollmer

Craig VollmerAlthough a native of Nebraska Craig graduated from the University of Iowa in 1995 with a degree in film production. Upon graduation he traveled throughout Europe, spending several months in Greece, and living in the Netherlands for eight months. Returning to the U.S. in 1997 he settled in L.A. to work in film editing and further his photography career. In 1999 Craig moved to Nebraska to focus solely on photography.

Craig has been involved in a wide variety of photography ranging from his show at the 13th St. gallery "Colorscape" featuring colorful abstract shapes and designs, to his show at the Botanical Gardens which display garden and flower photography from the Netherlands.

Future showings of Abstract, thought-provoking, and interesting photography are always right around the corner. Do not miss out on the next opening, add your address or e-mail address to the invite list at cvollmer1@hotmail.com.

Craig Vollmer's Portfolio:
Simply pass your mouse over any thumbnail image below that you would like to see larger. All the images in Craig Vollmer's portfolio are displayed with permission and copyrighted by Craig Vollmer.

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Prints of Craig's images can be purchased directly from Hamilton Color Lab in our commercial galleries

For more information please email Craig at: cvollmer1@hotmail.com

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