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Photography by Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai

Lerpong RungrodnimitchaiLerpong picked up his first SLR camera 3 years ago, having been inspired by the dramatic and serene landscapes of the Western United States. Since then, he has been travelling and capturing the essence of the West during his school breaks. His photographic efforts have been concentrated on nature, travel, and scenic themes. Lerpong has applied various techniques absorbed from photographic magazines to his style of photography. Working in the field of telecommunications at Media One, he plans to travel across America and capture the beauty he finds on film.

Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai's Portfolio:
Simply pass your mouse over any thumbnail image below that you would like to see larger. All the images in Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai's portfolio are displayed with permission and copyrighted by Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai.

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For more information please email: rungrod@hotmail.com

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