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  • How can I get my prints to look the way they do on my monitor?

    Many of you have asked how to make image files that produce prints that match what you see on your monitor. The procedure is quite simple actually, if you have the proper set up and tools. One of the most powerful and useful features in Photoshop "soft proofing" is a procedure that allows you to use your display (monitor) to produce a preview on screen that accurately depicts what the printed output of a file will look like. When setup properly, Photoshop can provide a very accurate on screen indication of what a final print will look like.

    More info on how to do this and downloads for the profiles you need to soft proof can be found here: http://www.hamiltoncolorlab.com/softproofing.html

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  • Can your lab increase the resolution of a digital image using Genuine Fractals?

    Yes we can increase the resolution (dpi) of an image file using Genuine Fractals. Genuine Fractals is a good program for doing this but it does have some limitations. Genuine Fractals likes to have a fairly large file to begin with (25MB or greater). It can be used on smaller files but the amount of up sizing that can be done with small files is limited.

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  • What type of image file should I send if I want to have film slides made for my projector?

    Hamilton Color Lab no longer offers this type of service

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  • What sizes of film or flat art can be scanned?

    We can scan any film format or flat art up to 11x17. If your film or flat art is larger than 11x17 we can scan the art in sections (more scans) or photograph your piece in our studio on 4x5 fine grained transparency film and make a print ready scan from the transparency that is optimized to print on our LightJet 430 or our Frontier.

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