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Photography by Gary Chandler

Gary ChandlerMy wife, Wanda and I have always enjoyed nature and we love taking pictures. However, with our little inexpensive cameras, we could only get good pictures if the conditions were ideal. I discovered that, with a 35mm camera, a photographer had more control over the exposure settings and could take good pictures in a wide variety of lighting conditions. I purchased a 35mm camera and a 50mm lens and that was ok for most subjects. I soon realized that to shoot birds and butterflies I would need longer focal length lenses. This was in the early eighties and since then I have purchased better equipment, including longer lenses and stable tripods. I have constructed a blind over my pond from which I can get shots of a great variety of water fowl. I also use portable blinds that I can move around to bird nests or wherever I need to set up undercover. The blinds have stationary camera mounts installed in them and I frequently use a mount I made for the window of my van or car.

Over the years I have won first place, second place, and third place a few times in a newspaper photo contest. As a result of these successes I have received two merit award in the KINSA (Kodak International Snapshot Awards). I won first (1997) and second place (1998) awards in the "Wildbird" magazines annual photo contest. These awards were in the "Backyard" category.

Places my pictures have been published:

  • Back cover of "Country Extra" magazine, Jan. 1996
  • Back cover of "Birds & Blooms" magazine, Feb/Mar 1996
  • Several small pictures in "Birds & Blooms" magazine over the past few years.
  • 1996 "Birds & Blooms" calender
  • 1999 "Flying Flowers" calendar
  • Front cover of "Duncraft" catalog, Holiday issue 1996
  • Front cover of "Tennessee Wildlife" magazine, Jan/Feb 1996
  • Guest Photographer" with several photos in the Nov/Dec issues of "Tennessee Wildlife" magazine 1992
  • At least one picture in 8 of the last 9 issues of "Tennessee Wildlife" magazine calendar issues.
  • Backyard Living Book Called "Designing & Planting Backyards" by Time Life.
  • I have just had 12 of my Eastern Bluebird pictures published in a booklet: Bird Watcher's Digest "Bluebird Basics" published by Rodale Books

Gary Chandler's Portfolio:
Simply pass your mouse over any thumbnail image below that you would like to see larger. All the images in Gary Chandler's portfolio are displayed with permission and copyrighted by Gary Chandler.

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Photography by Gary Chandler
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Visit Gary's web site at: http://www.naturetl.com/

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