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Photography by Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson"As long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with photography. I'm 44 years old and even as a pre-teen, I remember thinking it was a form of magic, for it is the only way I know you can truly freeze moments in time.

I live in the country, between Carrollton and Grenada, Mississippi, so I find myself doing more nature and wildlife photography than other types, but whether I'm taking shots of family pets and get togethers, historic buildings or children of friends, I enjoy it and have fun.

The three cameras that I use most often, are a Minolta SR T 101, Canon EOS Rebel G and my newest, a Canon EOS D60 Digital. The Minolta sits on a tripod in my great-room and is used primarily for wildlife I see on the farm. The majority of these are taken through a tinted window (which acts as a filter), using a 2x multiplier on a telephoto lens. When I travel, I carry the two Canons, which have interchangeable lenses.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm an amateur and most things for me are "trial and error", especially photography. I find myself both surprised and elated when I get that one shot that really captures what I see. I am blessed and fortunate to have a husband, family and friends that encourage me, and I guess my dream would be that someday someone might see my work and say, "Hey, is that photograph for sale"?"

Jennifer Anderson's Portfolio:
Simply pass your mouse over any thumbnail image below that you would like to see larger. All the images in Jennifer Anderson's portfolio are displayed with permission and copyrighted by Jennifer Anderson.

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Jennifer can be contacted at: mizjennyb@cs.com

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